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Person-Centricity: Leveraging Technology, Mobility and Connectivity to Bend the Sickness Curve

Health has become a national security issue. We propose a person-centric approach by putting the whole person in the game and as such have profound impact to begin to bend the sickness curve.

We strongly contend that technology enhanced decision making and support via connected health, HIT and mobile technology issues can exert a powerful impact on improving lives while reducing costs and therewith change the trajectory from sickness care to health. The ability to be connected via a wide range of low energy Bluetooth technologies via devices, monitoring sensors or devices and trackers create a connected ecosystem that affords one access, convenience and piece of mind. The fact that at least 70 percent of the time people trust their cardiac, diabetes or Asthma monitoring devices to tell when and if to seek further medical attention is daunting. We can empower the person and instill comfort and couple that with real- time continuous monitoring to create a behavioral symphony of wellness and outfit the person with better tools to evaluate evidence-based treatment options that are personalized for the individual.

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