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Open Source Digital Health Innovation Panel: June 18th

Merging Open Source Software (OSS) & Healthcare Technology

San Diego, Executive Breakfast: Panel Discussion with Health IT & OSS Industry Experts

Hosted by Pillsbury & Achieve Health


The current landscape of Healthcare technology is fragmented, disconnected and siloed. However, the HITECH Act mandates that these systems be interoperable to provide the patient, physician and entire clinical staff a much more streamlined, efficient and improved experience. This functionality is currently not up to the standards that the Healthcare industry is demanding. There are ways to advance the currently available Healthcare technology by extending these legacy systems, which can minimize IT disruption costs and improve data liquidity.

With easily interoperable data the entire system can benefit and further adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) will allow us to enhance the interoperability of these systems. The panel will explore the technology hurdles facing the Healthcare industry, how they see Health Information Technology evolving, and how OSS can play a part in advancing the currently available Health IT solutions.

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