The Foundation Of San Diego Health Care Management

Both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and private payers are committed to the Triple Aim: increasing care quality and improving the patient experience while reducing costs. Care coordination via a robust health information exchange (HIE) infrastructure plays an essential role in this effort. When every individual's health information is securely available to providers when and where they need it. 


Individual's health information is securely available to providers.

  • Doctors can provide better, more informed health care.
  • Duplication of tests and procedures decreases.
  • Costs go down.

HIE is a foundational element for population health management, accountable care and other value-based care delivery methods.

Connecting the Entire San Diego Community

Although other, private health information exchanges (HIEs) exist in our area, San Diego Health Connect is the health information utility that spans the entire community—regardless of organizational boundaries or differences in technology vendors. We securely connect private HIEs, hospitals, health systems, patients and other healthcare stakeholders.

Because community-wide health information exchange results in better population management, healthier patients and lower costs, San Diego’s major health systems and many other providers have already joined our network.

Contact us to learn how you can participate in this community effort.