Health Systems & Hospitals

Manage risk. Strengthen integration. Improve patient outcomes. Reduce costs.


These are just some of the tasks hospitals and health systems face in an industry moving toward value-based reimbursement models.

To achieve these goals, you likely invested in an electronic health record (EHR). But EHR implementation is only the first step. To deliver real value, an EHR must be coupled with health information exchange (HIE). HIE has, in fact, become a competitive necessity.

HIE makes vital health information available to providers when and where they need it. It is a fundamental ingredient in any plan to respond to payment reform and to government programs that encourage data-driven, collaborative care. And HIE makes it easier for physician practices and other community providers to do business with you.

San Diego Health Connect securely connects hospitals, health systems, patients, health information exchanges and other healthcare stakeholders—so that they can share important health information regardless of organizational boundaries.

If your organization hasn’t established a health information exchange (HIE), San Diego Health Connect can serve as your primary connectivity provider. If you’ve already established a private HIE, we can link your HIE to other providers and HIEs throughout the community. And San Diego Health Connect can help you meet Meaningful Use requirements

Why Participate in San Diego Health Connect?

The community needs a utility that links every healthcare provider and every HIE in San Diego together. Consider this:

  • Few people visit one doctor or one health system to receive 100 percent of their health care. Eighty percent of a patient’s health information could be in one hospital’s HIE network, and 20 percent could be in another. San Diego Health Connect links these together, so health information is available when and where clinicians need it—no matter which health system a patient visits.

Secure health information should be available to improve the health of every San Diego resident. That’s why major health systems in the San Diego area, physicians, pharmacies, community hospitals and more are supporting and participating in San Diego Health Connect. Contact us to learn how to get connected.