Secure & Sustainable Healthcare Information

governmentSecure health information should be available to improve the health of every San Diego resident. That is the mission of San Diego Health Connect: to make the secure, sustainable exchange of health information universal throughout the San Diego community.

We do this not only by helping improve the quality of care patients receive but also by offering solutions that enhance public health and safety.

San Diego Health Connect Drives Better Health and Wellness

In the past, health information was written on paper records and stored in dozens of physician offices and hospital departments. It was difficult for these care providers to share information with each other about a patient’s care history.

Now, through health information exchange (HIE) technology delivered by San Diego Health Connect, doctors can access a patient’s health history electronically and securely share this information with other doctors.

This level of coordination between care providers is the foundation for efforts to:

  • Improve the quality and cost of care
  • Establish programs to proactively manage health rather than just treat illnesses

Though some health systems in San Diego have established their own HIEs, San Diego Health Connect is the utility that spans the entire community—connecting these HIEs, hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, patients and other health care stakeholders.


San Diego Health Connect Improves Public Health and Safety

San Diego Health Connect delivers solutions designed to improve public health and safety.

Our technology makes it easy for all San Diego providers to submit timely information to public health registries. With our solutions, they can transmit:

  • Immunization information to the San Diego Immunization Registry
  • Initial presentation information to the County Public Health Department to identify outbreaks
  • Relevant lab test results to the County Public Health Department

In addition, our EMS Hub solution delivers significant benefits to the community by coordinating emergency services and connecting public safety entities like police, fire and EMS directly with health care facilities.