Why San Diego Health Connect

Receive Better Health Care In San Diego

Let’s face it: healthcare costs have gotten higher. To end this trend—while making sure you receive even better care—hospitals, physicians and other members of the healthcare industry are making some exciting changes.

One of these changes is an effort to implement technology solutions that allow all of the doctors responsible for your care to securely share your health information. When this kind of health information exchange occurs, the cost, quality and convenience of the care you receive improves.

Because of these benefits, many health systems and physicians in San Diego are either participating in or creating their own health information exchanges (HIEs). It’s possible that your doctor already participates in one or more of these exchanges.

Linking the Entire Community through Health Information Exchange

If individual hospitals and health systems have created their own HIEs, what is the purpose of a non-profit organization like San Diego Health Connect? We exist because the community needs a utility that links every healthcare provider and every HIE in San Diego together. Consider this:

  • Many physicians and small hospitals don’t have the resources to create their own HIEs. San Diego Health Connect can serve as their primary HIE solution.
  • Few people visit one doctor or one health system to receive 100 percent of their healthcare. Eighty percent of your health records could be in one hospital’s HIE network, and 20 percent could be in another. San Diego Health Connect links these two HIEs together, so your health information is available to your doctors when and where they need it—no matter which health system you visit.

San Diego Health Connect securely connects hospitals, health systems, patients, health information exchanges and other healthcare stakeholders—so that they can share important health information regardless of organizational boundaries.

Secure health information should be available to improve the health of every San Diego resident. That’s why all of the major health systems in the San Diego area, physicians, pharmacies, community hospitals and more are supporting and participating in San Diego Health Connect.