Why Health Information Exchange

Being Connected Means Being Healthy

Having information on hand when and where we need it is something we take for granted. When we need to know our bank account balance, we look it up. When an important package is on its way, we track its movement from place to place. It’s as easy as connecting to the Internet.

But what about vital health information? Is it available when and where we need it?

Thanks to health information exchange (HIE), it can be.

In the past, your health information was written on paper records and stored in dozens of physician offices and hospital departments. If you visited multiple doctors—and most of us do—it was difficult for them to share information with each other about your care history.

Now, through health information exchange (HIE) technology delivered by San Diego Health Connect, your doctors can access your health history electronically. They can securely share your electronic health records with other doctors responsible for your care. And because of advanced technology, you can be confident that your health information remains private and secure.

What Information Is Shared?

San Diego Health Connect gives your doctors secure access to information like:

What does HIE mean for you?

Health Information exchange (HIE) means:

1Doctors have the information they need to help them make the best decisions about your care. This benefits your health and safety. It can even save your life.

2You don’t have to remember the details of every hospital visit when you see a new doctor. You don’t have to list out your medications, dosages and health conditions every time you visit a doctor.

3Doctors can see whether you recently had a test or procedure performed—and they can see the results without having to order the procedure again. This saves you time, and it definitely saves you money. By preventing duplication of tests and procedures, HIE makes health care less expensive for everyone.

Better information means better, more affordable patient care.

Participate in San Diego Health Connect

You choose to whether to give your doctors secure access to your health information. Learn more about your options for participating in San Diego Health Connect.