Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and security of your health information. In fact, San Diego Health Connect and all doctors and hospitals are bound by both law and ethics to keep your electronic health records secure.

Here is what we do to protect your health electronic health records:

  • We use advanced technology with sophisticated security features. Only authorized health care professionals with a secure login can access your health information—it isn’t just available on the Internet.
  • Your health information is encrypted when transmitted from one care provider to another.
  • Our role-based access technology ensures that only doctors directly involved in delivering care to you can access your information.
  • We have a patient consent policy. You determine what information is shared through San Diego Health Connect. Health care professionals receive information only if they are authorized by you or your doctor.
  • We monitor access to your electronic health records and keep a log of every time anyone accesses your information. Under federal law, you have the right to receive a list of instances where your health information was accessed and for what purposes.

Electronic Versus Paper

Through San Diego Health Connect, your information will be safer and more secure than transferring paper records. Why? Because of the strong privacy and security protections we have put in place. No more faxing or mailing your electronic health records. Your information won't be misplaced in an office or viewed by anyone other than the people who care for your health.

Interested in more information about the privacy and security of your health information?