Public Health Reporting

Reporting To Public Health Departments

Federal and state laws require hospitals and other providers to report certain diseases and health conditions to state or local public health departments. This reporting:


  • Helps monitor disease incidence
  • Gives health officials a more complete understanding of the state’s health picture
  • Allows officials to respond quickly in public health emergencies to contain disease outbreaks

Most organizations rely on time-consuming manual processes to do this reporting.

San Diego Health Connect makes this process much easier by handling public health reporting automatically.

Automatic public health reporting:

  • Improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Saves you time and money
  • Ensures that reported data is complete and timely
  • Supports Meaningful Use attestation for hospitals and providers

Our technology makes it easy for all San Diego providers to submit timely information to public health registries. With our solutions, you can transmit:

  • Immunization information to the San Diego Immunization Registry
  • Initial presentation information to the County Public Health Department to identify outbreaks
  • Relevant lab test results to the County Public Health Department

Contact us to learn how we can connect you to San Diego’s immunization and disease registries.