Improved Care Transitions

Improving care transitions between health care providers across settings has become a significant focus of the health care industry. One important area of care transition occurs between emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and the hospital emergency department (ED).

Better coordination between EMS agencies and the ED:

  • Facilitates an accurate and comprehensive handoff of the patient to the hospital
  • Decreases time to diagnosis in the ED
  • Decreases a patient’s time spent in the ED and conserves resources
  • Improves patient care and the patient experience

San Diego Health Connect designed the EMS Hub to support these goals. The EMS Hub closes the gap that currently exists between the transporting EMS service—the agency that begins the patient’s care—and the receiving hospital.

Using wireless technology, the Hub transmits pre-hospital data from EMS vehicles en route to the hospital. Because emergency departments receive this health information—such as electrocardiograms—from EMS before the patient arrives, ED staff are able to appropriately prepare resources and reduce time to treatment.

The EMS Hub receives electronic patient care reports from EMS agencies and converts the data into an HL7 format for hospitals to view or import into their ED system. ED staff view pre-hospital reports via the Hub’s web portal or print the reports in PDF format.

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