Who We Are

San Diego Health Care: Connecting Patients And Doctors

The quality of healthcare in San Diego is high, but we can always improve it—and we can make it more affordable. San Diego Health Connect exists to improve the quality and cost of our healthcare system.

We believe that community-wide health information exchange is the foundation for quality and cost improvement. When every individual’s health information is securely available to their doctors when and where they need it:

  • Doctors can provide better, more informed care.
  • Duplication of tests and procedure decreases.
  • Costs go down.

Increased Information, Decreased Costs.

Patient Doctor2San Diego Health Connect securely connects hospitals, health systems, patients, private health information exchanges (HIEs) and other healthcare stakeholders—so that they can share important health information. As a not-for-profit organization, our sole purpose is to serve every member of the community and improve healthcare for everyone.



We are the health information utility that unifies the San Diego healthcare ecosystem.

We deliver an infrastructure for health information exchange that spans the entire community—across organizational boundaries and technology vendors. Since no individual visits one health system or physician to receive 100 percent of their care, our community needs a utility like San Diego Health Connect that connects all providers and HIEs. That way, every patient’s vital health information is available to their doctors—no matter where they receive care.


  •  Our Mission 

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    To connect healthcare stakeholders to deliver quality, comprehensive information for better care. 

  • Our Vision

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    Every clinician, every day, will rely on the health information exchange for better care. 

  • Our Values

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    Accountable, Dependable, Adaptable, Collaborative, Transparent with Quality and Integrity