SDRHIE & The San Diego Community

Committed To Making San Diego Even Better

sdrhieandcommunityBeautiful beaches. A growing economy. World-class healthcare. These things and more make San Diego one of the best places to live in the United States. San Diego Health Connect is committed to making San Diego even better. How? By helping improve the quality and cost of our healthcare system. This is a goal that everyone in the community can get behind. That's why San Diego's leading health care organizations and associations support San Diego Health Connect.

We Work With:

We are collaborating with leading healthcare systems, small physician practices, employers, payers, consumer groups and local government to make sure we deliver technology and services that meet the needs of every member of the community. More and more physicians, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are signing up to participate in health information exchange through San Diego Health Connect.

Find out how you can participate in driving better health throughout the community. By banding together, we can truly set San Diego apart.